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Breaking Into TV Writing

Write the script. Land the Job. Get into the writers' room.


I'm Anton, a TV and film screenwriter, producer and author.

I've worked in 14 TV writers' rooms, written for several TV comedies on CBS and was an Executive Producer on Snap, an anthology drama on AMC Networks. See how I got my start here.


I'm also the author of Breaking Into TV Writing, a career guide to becoming a TV writer, coming soon from Turner Publishing. 

Below you'll find everything I wish I knew before starting my TV writing career...

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Why am I writing this?


I created this site and wrote my book Breaking into TV Writing (coming soon from Turner Publishing) to demystify the TV writing industry.


What is a PA job? What does a writers' assistant do? What is it like to sit in a writers' room all day? What jobs will help me progress? What jobs will hold me back? 

This is everything I wish I knew before entering the TV writing business. If you have no clout, no connections, even if you haven't written anything before, this blog is for you. 

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